This is how real men play fantasy football (pic)

Ten buddies in Omaha came up with a very permanent way of branding their league’s loser: with a tattoo, to be designed by the league’s champion.

The unlucky fellow was Evan “Spud” Mann, who on Jan. 7 got a reminder of his last-place finish inked onto his thigh. And it ain’t so manly: It’s of a hot pink-haired unicorn jumping to kick a football over a rainbow, with “FANTASY LOSER” written beneath the scene. Even worse? The tattoo contest idea was Mann’s, reports the Omaha World-Herald.

“It kind of backfired,” says Mann, who, with his buddies, watch up to eight NFL games at a time on a huge-screen TV in his basement. He went so far as to draw up a contract, and have a lawyer friend review it. As for how the 23-year-old will explain the tattoo to the ladies? “If a unicorn on my leg is a reason you wouldn’t want to be around me, there’s probably other problems.” So no regrets there. His one regret? “For the rest of my life, I’m going to look down at the tattoo and say, I should’ve drafted Vick.”

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