10 Hottest redheads in Hollywood

We all had a redhead classmate who we made fun of, specially girls. The freckles, the frizzy loud red hair… the daily jokes were a must to keep you entertained during school period. Then, one day, she would return from summer break and BAM! she was the freaking hottest girl in school, and she hated you.

Vengeful sexy redheads, Hollywood is filled with them. They have flowy red hair and love it. They use their sexiness to make us watch awful movies we would NEVER sanely consider, and they make us enjoy it.

So cheers! to our top 10 Sexiest Hollywood redheads! (and we mean natural redheads, sorry Debra Messing!)

10. Nicole Kidman


The only reason Nicole Kidman is our #10 is because we like her better as a blonde. But that doesn”t take away the fact that we paid $7 to watch The Golden Compass just because she was in it.

9. Alicia Witt


Gorgeous Alicia totally deserves a spot on the list of hot redheads. She is smart, charismatic and talented, besides, her face sometimes looks kind of like an alien… a sexy alien.

8. Marcia Cross


Marcia Cross is the reason we are desperate to watch Desperate Housewives. Forget Terry Hatcher! Marcia is the epitome of MILF… we deserve to be spanked.

7. Kristen Stewart


Because we all want a little crazy in our lives. Kristen Stewart is a little of everything: she has the attitude, the talent and likes smoking pot.

6. Julianne Moore


Julianne Moore’s gorgeous copper top has made her a staple on People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People list… besides, she has the most perfect (and natural) breasts. Seriously, she is almost 50 years old and there is no rack that even compares, I dare you to find one.

5. Isla Fisher


If she is anything like her character in Wedding Crashers, Sasha Baron Cohen is one lucky man.

4. Nikki Cox


She made me watch ‘Unhappily Ever After’… enough said.

3. Lindsay Lohan


‘Firecrotch’ (as known is some areas in Hollywood) is the perfect example of what we call Redhead Revenge. Lindsay Lohan grew up from a freckled-faced-funny-looking kid to a stunning woman with huge, natural, perfect breasts. Her eyes alone are a deal maker in our book. The only reason she is not #1 is because of her vast drug use, alcohol binges and her lesbianism (lets face it, its not that sexy when you have no shot in hell).

2. Laura Prepon


My next door neighbor was a redhead, but she didn’t look like her at all. You wouldn’t be able to tell from watching That 70′s Show, but Laura has an incredible body under the loose fitting crap they make her wear. Kudos for being the first redhead to grace the cover of Maxim

1. Jessica Rabbit


Sure, she is a cartoon. But common’, admit it, she owns it.


Hey!!! what happened with Amy Adams??? she deserves to be on this list!!! Definitely hotter than Alicia Witt

Sorry to break it to you Daredevil, but Amy Adams is actually blonde


lol jessica rabbit!

we love Jessica Rabbit, she is like a redheaded Angelina Jolie. What could be hotter than that??

Billy Badass

Kristen Stewart isn’t even naturally redhead. You should’ve put Amy Adams.


Most of these women aren’t natural redheads. Think about it: a natural redhead in a regular town is rare enough, but in Hollywood it’s even harder!


Nicole Kidman. Kristen Stewart. Isla Fisher. Nikki Cox .
ar not red heads .
w.t.h is rowng with you ?


I find myself going nuts over many of these women. I really love redheads.

Marcia Cross has the most symmetric gorgeous face.

Nikki Cox has such an amazing body.

I think Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls was like the most beautiful woman ever at that point in her career. The drugs and binge drinking are hard on anyone. It’s sad how they make fun of her issues when she just needs help and ridiculing her is not productive.

Julianne Moore is such a timeless beauty.

Thank you for posting this- the gingers are like a drug for me.’im addicted to redheads.

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Uh, Nicole Kidman IS a natural redhead dumbasses. She’s played many blondes, but what actress hasn’t?

Anyhow, Anna Torv should be on here fo sho.