Tonya Harding reportedly chain-smoking, binge drinking while pregnant

has pals on edge with reports that she regularly drinks and chain-smokes, despite being pregnant with her first child.

After marrying heating and air-conditioning repairman Joseph Price on June 26, just weeks after learning that she is pregnant, Tonya reportedly has no intention on turning her back on her hard-partying ways, leaving close friends worried about the health of her unborn baby, tipsters tattle in the July 26 issue of The National Enquirer.

Rehab — or even — cutting down is “not a priority” for the shamed Olympian, who puffs an entire pack of Marlboro Lights cigarettes a day, sources say.

“Even though she’s pregnant, Tonya still wants to have fun,” whispers a worried insider. “Tonya drinks so much Bud Light that trash bags full of empty beer bottles and cans pile up in her backyards. Her family and friends are terrified the baby could be born with fetal alcohol syndrome, birth defects, or that she could possibly miscarriage.”

Tonya is due this winter.