Patti Davis, a Reagan kid, posed for Playboy

We didn’t know if to file this under ‘Entertainment’ or ‘Politics’… Back in 1994, , the daughter of former President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan, discarded the Reagan name and posed for the July 1994 issue of using her mother’s maiden name instead.

Patti Davis has always been portrayed as the “wild child” of the Reagan family. Like her brother Ron, she is politically liberal, smoked marijuana, and has her mother’s stubbornness and father’s outspokenness.

Patti Davis in Playboy

Patti Davis in Playboy

She lived with Bernie Leadon of rock group ‘The Eagles,’ and co-wrote the Eagles’ song “I Wish You Peace.”

She was active in the nuclear freeze movement, and later married her yoga instructor.

Davis’s loudest rebellion came at age 41, when she appeared on the cover of Playboy, her breasts cupped by a black man. She also starred in her own direct-to-video “Playboy Celebrity Centerfold”, which showed her cavorting with Monique Parent.

Patti Davis on Playboy

Patti Davis on Playboy


Filmmaker and artist Larry Lawrence Lawgon re-invents himself for his all-american dream from a commercial fisherman to an eye catching Hollywood trainer, who live in a parking lot. Taking his bosses advice, Larry goes on a Playboy interview, and ends up on the cover with President Ronald Reagan’s daughter but, Larry watched Jay Leno, interview Sylvestor Stallone on the Tonight show waving the Playboy book with probing questions? Jay said, “Sly you didn’t tell me about this”? Sly replied, “that ain’t me”. Jay said, “common this aint you then who is it”? Larry Lawrence Lawgon the homeless trainer for Gold’s Gym lived in the parking lot and watched this on tv, in the gym. And then again on live radio while rising in the morning to a new day, Larry Lawrence Lawgon listened to Howard Stern, interview Pattie Reagan, and asked “who’s the guy”? And again in the National Inquirer Maury Povich interviewed Pattie Reagan, also ask “who’s the guy?”

And then the homeless trainer is discovered in far away India when the Bollywood movie company Ashtaviniyak, searched America for a hard-muscled-model-trainer to shape up Sanjay Dutt, for films, and saw Larry Lawrence Lawgon’s photo as Rodin’s Thinker poser from the Playboy article and Sanjay wanted a body like Lawgon’s. The movie company found Lawgon and whisked him to India, where Lawgon from that Playboy article became famous in papers, on tv, and in India headlines that say…

Larry searched unfamiliar places, in India on Bollywood movie sets that changed him finding love at first site, struggling to choose this love or his all-american innovation dream.

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