Lindsay Lohan’s Shopping Tell-All Book

Now that is out of rehab and her options for film work look as dry as the bottom of her vodka bottle, the former child star is reportedly hoping to write a tell-all book about her old Tinseltown party scene days.

She’s asking for $10 million, which is a bargain if you look at what she is considering putting in there: According to an insider, LiLo is “intent on exposing all the scumbags in Hollywood” who took advantage of her, sponged off her and “generally dragged her into the gutter” as she battled addictions to cocaine and alcohol. Paris Hilton is high on her hit list, as is Adam Levine, Ashton Kutcher, John Mayer, Jane Fonda and “plenty of rich old perverted men.”

She is also rumored tospill the beans on her flings with celebs like Nick Jonas, Max George, Chris Brown and Colin Farrell.


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