Former Top Model Contestant Arrested After Stand-Off With Police

Renee Alway, who may or may not remember as a former “America’s Next Top Model” finalist, was arrested recently in connection to a six-hour stand-off with police.

According to reports Renee — who placed 3rd in Cycle 8 of the show — was popped on June 28 in Palm Springs and slapped with suspicion of burglary, fraud, possession of narcotics, forged bills, and committing a felony while on bail after Palm Springs PD says they got a call about a suspicious female lurking around a house that was supposed to be vacant. They responded and allegedly found Alway hiding in the garage with a gun.

Cops say they believed another person was also in the house — a male, also packing heat — and called in the SWAT team. SWAT entered and searched the home for hours, but concluded no one else was inside.

27-year-old Alway was booked and remains in jail. Bail is set at $150,000. She’s due in court next week.


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